Keto Cauli Chips, Garlic & Herbs

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Keto Snacks, low carb cauli chips. Healthy Chips for adults & kids. Prebiotic Snacks. Winner of Great Taste Awards.

LOW CARB CHIPS - Real cauliflower bites, so naturally good you won't believe it! 100% guarantee. LOW CARB SNACKS - Perfect for easy Keto diet. Gluten free food & Vegan low carb chips. Nut free. KETO CHIPS NO CARB ADDED - Better than cauliflower crackers, no cheap flour fillers, Paleo snacks 100% VEGAN CHIPS - Keto bread guilt free made for family. Best keto snacks to share with friends! KETO BITES - low heat for crispiness and nutrition. Healthy chips with simple ingredients. Grain free.