Skin Care - Renew - Rose Clay Facial Mask

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Simple Ingredients ~ Simple Beauty

Rose Clay and Hibiscus blended with soothing coconut milk. Rose clay adds gentle exfoliation and cleansing which help bring out a renewed complexion. Hibiscus is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids ( AHAs) and Coconut Milk is jam packed with Vitamin C and copper. These ingredients combine together to cleanse, soothe and renew your skin. Volume 4 oz Yield 10-15 Masks

For All Skin Types


Made with coconut milk, Brazilian rose kaolin clay and micro-fined botanicals to gently exfoliate and hydrate skin. Best for dry to normal skin.

How To Use: Mix 1-2 teaspoons of mask powder in a small bowl with a few drops of desired liquid. You may use purified water, coconut water / milk, aloe vera, rose / lavender water (just about anything that will feed your skin)! Mix liquid and dry mask powder together until a paste is formed. Apply mask paste to clean face with a brush or fingers. Wait 3 to 5 minutes (or until mask has dried on your face). Rinse mask with warm water and a washcloth. It is normal for skin to be red after using mask